Why Greenville?

Greenville has attracted many new businesses to come to town. New manufacturing businesses, (especially hot is the automotive segment, since BMW and Michelin’s US manufacturing/headquarters are in the Greenville area) there are over sixty-five new automotive support companies that have moved here for BMW. These companies have found out that the work force and cost of manufacturing is so good in Greenville, that they are building component parts for other automobile manufactures now as well.
Clemson University – has setup in Greenville the all new International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR). This amazing industrial research park has brought in new companies and technology into Greenville. In addition to the automotive industry, Greenville has a health care system that is second to none. There is also a large number of manufactures in the local are that provide a sound economic and employment base.
With new manufacturing comes, new people into the area. Greenville has seen some wonderful growth in the last 15 years and the end is no where in sight! We have seen new shopping centers, restaurants, schools, gyms, plus a lot more, all opening up in Greenville.
The downtown area of Greenville, just minutes away from Trollingwood Estates, has a new Baseball park, the Peace Center, the Reedy Falls Park, wonderful restaurants and shopping to name a few.
We look forward to you becoming our neighbor in Trollingwood Estates!